Sunday Worship

The following resources are to help us at this time in our church year. The links below will connect to PDF and audio files. Particularly with PDF files you may see them open up within your browser or possibly in ADOBE Reader (this is freely available). If you know someone who might like some of the resources but who doesn`t have access then please pass the resources on.

Owing to the current Covid-19 situation, church services are going to be very different. We have worked out our maximum capacity using current guidelines and unfortunately it will not be possible to just ‘turn up’ to a service. If you would like to attend a 10:30am Sunday service then you will need to email Sarah on between the Monday and Thursday before the Sunday. You will then be allocated seating to which you will be directed on your arrival at church. Bookings will only be taken in the week leading up to the Sunday service. We ask that you consider all the members of our congregation, maybe only requesting a seat once a month at this present time. We are aware that not all our members have access to the internet so if you know someone this relates to please ask them to ring Marion so that she can let Sarah know.  Services will be shorter than usual because there can be no singing at the moment. Parishioners are asked to consider the welfare of those around them and if they show any signs of Covid-19 they are to get tested and NOT attend church.  Everyone attending a church service is asked to wear a face covering.

For home use link to Daily Prayer – select the required options (service, type, date) to follow that order of service.

For an alternative option St Marks have a live streamed service on Sunday`s at 10:30.

An activity for Café Explore would have been 30 July

Marion has a “Quiet Day” link for you to try