Building Together at St Laurence’s

Vision Summary

We are working together at St Laurence’s through our Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy to be:


Building together a community of faith that reaches out with God’s love – in Jesus’ name. 

This is what we hope to see at the heart of our life together….


Growing together as disciples and enabling others to follow Jesus.

Growing as disciples is how we aim to turn the vision into reality


Like Jesus, through love that is seen in…


The values that will help the VISION and MISSION to come to life day to day…


Building Together… and being seen to be

a church that is ever more like Jesus

a church that is reaching out to and engaging with the wider community and world around us

a church that is growing younger and in numbers

a church that offers the facilities we need, to be who God is calling us to be today

a church where everyone works well together – in whatever we do

Which means working to turn these PRIORITIES into ACTION.