The vision of our church is to be….

Worshipping Community…..

where God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are at the centre – where there is a rich variety in worship enabling all people to meet with God in a real way week by week – where people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences are welcomed and accepted – where people can grow in Christian faith, understanding and spirituality – where there is an openness to change in the life of the church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Caring Community….. 

where people are committed to one another, open with one another, and supportive of one another – where people are enabled to discover and exercise their gifts and skills in the service of Christ – where people are accepted and valued as they are..

Serving Community….. 

where people are committed to serving the local and worldwide community as an expression of Christian love and commitment – where people are sensitive to local needs and issues – where care, concern and practical support is shown for individuals outside the church as well as those within – where people are equipped for service in the secular world.

Witnessing Community….. 

where people work and pray for an attractive church and are confident of the presence of Christ and his power to change lives – where people desire to share the love and truth of God in Christ with their friends, neighbours and colleagues – where people are converted to Christ and build up their faith.