BaptismAre you thinking about having your baby baptised? We at St Laurence’s want to share your joy at the birth of your baby and to welcome him or her into the Christian community.

See the information below which tells you about how we conduct Baptism here at St Laurence`s Church but take a look also at A Guide To Christenings for more info.

What is Baptism?

It’s a sign of God’s love for us.  The water shows how our sins are washed away when we realise how much he loves us, and we then start a new life as followers of Jesus and members of the church family.

What’s the first step?

Use the Contact Us page or call our Parish Administrator.  We will arrange a preparation session (see below) where you can have an opportunity to think and ask questions about the meaning of baptism for you and your child.

Meeting the Church Family

Baptism will make your child a member of the Church family.  It would be odd not to meet them!  So we ask that you and your child attend a Sunday service at least once before the Baptism, so you can see what your child is becoming a part of, and the Church have an opportunity to welcome them.  During that service there will be a short (two minute) public thanksgiving and prayer for your child.  This will normally take place during our All Age Service at 10am on the first Sunday of every month.

What about a date for the Baptism?

We have set aside certain dates for Baptism services, which are held on Sundays at 3.00 p.m.  (Alternatively one baptism can be held during the 10am service on these dates, but limited space means this is only practical if your party is not more than about 30 people.)


Every Baptism is preceded by a preparation session.  When you arrange your child’s Baptism, we will also arrange to see you, as parents (and godparents too, if possible), at a place and time convenient to you.  During the session we will watch a short (10 minute) DVD and chat informally about the baptism as well as go through the Baptism service with you.

What about Godparents?

The usual number is 3 and they must have been baptised themselves.  Ideally they will have been confirmed too.  Their duties include praying for your child and helping him or her live and grow in God’s ways, both by their words and their example.  They don’t necessarily have to be members of your family – in fact it’s best if they are Christian friends who can welcome the child into the Church.  It would be good if they can come to the preparation evening too.

What if my baby cries?

Don’t worry, but do make sure your baby is comfy.  The nearest toilets are in our church hall where there are nappy changing facilities in the roomy toilet for disabled people.  We have ‘happy bags’ of small toys for small children near the font.

What happens during the service

The parents, baby and Godparents will be presented to the congregation, then we gather around the font.  We encourage any children who are present to join us so they can see what is happening.  The parents and Godparents make responses and promises, which will have been explained beforehand.  During the service you will receive a lighted candle which you will be invited to place on the altar.  This is for the baby to take home and keep, as a reminder that at Baptism we pass from darkness to light.

After the service you will receive a Baptism certificate for your baby and the Godparents will also receive a certificate to remind them of the commitment they have made.

Baptism of Adults

We would be pleased to baptise adults and older children.  If you are an adult and are thinking of Baptism please contact us, and the clergy will arrange suitable preparation.

Other information

There is plenty of parking space in the car park at our church hall, at the bottom of the hill as well as on Scalby High Street.

Please don’t take photos during the service because it’s distracting.  You are welcome to take photos round the font at the end of the service.

The Church Rooms are available for hire after the service if you wish to offer refreshments to your family and friends.  For further information about this contact the parish administrator (Tel: 364858) or use the Contact Us page.