Some helpful information about church weddings

See the information below which tells you about weddings here at St Laurence`s Church but take a look also at Weddings for more info.

How we can help

At St Laurence`s Church there are about 20 weddings each year. Couples are able to make their vows before God in this special place. We will help you make this happen.

Can you get married at St Laurence`s Church?

There are a few ways in which you can establish what is called a ‘qualifying connection’ to be allowed to marry here;

  1. If either of you have lived in the parish for a period of greater than 6 months.
  2. If either of you have had a parental address in the parish during your lifetime for more than 6 months.
  3. If you were baptised in the church, or confirmed and your confirmation entered into the register here.
  4. If either of have a parent or grandparent married in the church.
  5. If one of you, or one of your parents, has habitually attended the church for worship for more than 6 months during your lifetime. What counts as ‘habitually attended’ for these purposes is about once a month, so at least 6 times over a 6 month period would establish a ‘qualifying connection’.  We must stress though that this is a legal requirement that we have to adhere to.  You couldn’t book a wedding and say you were going to attend and then not do so as that would make performing the wedding illegal.
  6. Other possible barriers, which would not make things impossible, but would change the approach we would have to take, are whether either of you is not a British citizen or has been married or in a civil partnership before.

You think you qualify so what next?

Use Contact Us to arrange a meeting, check dates and discuss arrangements or call our Parish Administrator.

Look at the following;

Please note that all costs and arrangements will be subject to agreement with our vicar.